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Bureau Mertens

  • Technical expertise
  • Commercial agency
  • Railway supply
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The company

Bureau Mertens sprl is a family company located in Belgium center and active in the railway industry since more than 45 years. Our knowhow and experience of operating conditions have allowed us to develop long term partnerships with our clients, particularly in the African territories. Our philosophy is based on a comprehensive and personalized approach to operations issues in order to offer the best solutions whatever the constraints. The sharp technical expertise, the quality of the supplies and the reliability of our services have helped to strengthen our reputation in the sector. The objective of total quality remains our top priority from the careful selection of suppliers to the systematic quality control prior to any shipment. A regular presence on the various sites and a responsive, interactive and performant internal organization define our strategy characterized by a constant focus on total customer satisfaction.

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Durel elastomer springs®

We study and develop thermoplastic elastomer compression springs, sold under the registered trademark DUREL®. Production and sales are carried out by the German licensee company Durel Gmbh. This latest generation of compression springs are patented and certified on many worldwide networks. They have the particularity of being perfectly adapted to the railway vehicles service conditions, they are maintenance free and they provide exceptional performance within limited space and with low weight. The application areas are so far mainly rail, such as buffers, drawgears and draftgears, but also industrial.

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We are specialized in the supply of railway and industrial equipments mainly to Africa. The specific operating conditions, the transport constraints and the environment are all parameters considered to offer the adequate material in response to each specific need.

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Commercial agency

For many years, we provide commercial agency services for renowned European manufacturers of railway equipments. An interface between the manufacturer and the customer, we focus this business on ongoing research, absolute responsiveness and creative solutions.

Voith / SCHARFENBERG Automatic couplers
VOITH TURBO Hydrodynamic power transmissions
Knorr-Bremse Railway brake systems
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Commercial Partners

  • South Africa
  • Angola
  • Cameroon
  • Colombia
  • Ivory coast
  • Gabon
  • Madagascar
  • Tunisia
  • Marocco
  • Mauritania
  • DR of Congo
  • ...
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